Printed Matter

Effective physical communication is a statement that meaningfully underpins the claim of exclusive brands. We develop this in every area where people and brands come into contact beyond the digital, i.e. with packaging, correspondence for special occasions, and editorial design. With Extrablack, one of the independent research projects initiated by Studio Victor Hotz, we have a partner by our side who can tap into an unparalleled pool of knowledge covering all areas of operations technology.

Product Design

We develop products and strategies which are truly consistent with the character of exclusive brands, at the same time adding to their refinement. Our design teams combine an understanding of the context and the brand, outstanding/exceptional craftsmanship and the best in contemporary design to previously unseen objects of the highest functional and aesthetic quality.

Interior Design

A further area of special emphasis for us is the place where the brand can actually be experienced in the full sense of the word. Together with internationally respected design authors we create flagship stores and showrooms which take into account the changed functional requirements against a background of digitization and where the brand’s claim of exclusivity becomes a really intense overall experience.